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Being involved in litigation, whether it is being charged with a crime or being involved in a lawsuit, is one of the most difficult experiences any of us will ever face. 

For criminal charges from the most serious felonies down to misdemeanor and traffic offenses, criminal allegations can result in loss of your freedom, financial harm, damage to your career and reputation, and familial stress. If you are charged with a crime, it is critical that you know your rights and assert them as promptly as possible. With so much at stake, consulting with an experienced criminal defense lawyer is an essential first step. 

For civil actions, whether you are wronged and forced to litigate to recover your losses, or you are being sued by another, it is imperative you have an experienced attorney in your corner. The legal process is extremely complex, with seeming endless rules, requirements and filing deadlines. You need someone with experience in this system to guide you through the process so that you obtain the best result possible. 

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